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Lets take an ecological turn

  • Lets take an ecological turn
  • Lets take an ecological turn


For – why not?

It´s said for a reason that “eat what your granny ate” when we talk about clean food. In cleaning we have once replaced natural products “just in case” with synthetic and added some perfumes for some luxury. Should now be the right time to take that progress back and recognize, which part of chemicals are proven necessary to be used in terms of science? Lets cut these wildest years of consumption and return to more nature friendly state, using latest technology and research results.

We people, bewildered by markets, use several chemicals for cleaning our schools, city halls, nursing homes, service stations and own homes. In many public spaces using synthetic cleaning chemicals is justifiable, but for example hospitals have banned perfumes. Chemicals are being used needlessly and hypersensitivity towards those substances increase.

There are ecological cleaning products. They are made from natural ingredients using latest technology and are biodegradable. Products are as sufficient, effective and economical as synthetic are, but safer for the health and the environment. Also cleaning with pure water is justified in many places.

So, markets. Say yay, if your products are environment-friendly, un-perfumed, safe for human health and could be recommended to wipe to the floor in day-care. Could you set those on store shelves so consumers can find them? Are there Finnish products?

What if Finland had the courage to take the first step towards the cleaner enviroment and restricted use of unnecessary chemicals? Could we push markets to examine their ethics? Could we change the markets?

Maybe we could start this change by giving the responsibility to cities and towns: as it is taken in our hospitals, but through making a commitment to show more ecological and people-friendly values in places where it is possible.

In January 2018 Finnish people started collecting names for direct initial. Share this message if you think the thought is taking a right turn for the future. Lets give the biologists, chemists, doctors, engineers and scientist chance to define this law in practice, but lets ask together first if situation today is sustainable?




Several chemicals being used are harmful for enviroment and human health. Chemicals cause irritation and allergy. Hypersensitivity can cause autoimmune problems.

Production and using these chemicals and waste disposal cause pollution to air, soil and water. These chemicals are used in medical treatment, disinfection, cleaning and laundering. State of our hygiene is good and use of many of those chemicals is justifiable.

Cleaning and launder detergent contain many chemical compounds, which cleanse, protect surfaces, perfume or give certain texture for the object.

Many chemicals won´t disintegrate in cleansing waste water in water treatment plants. Then those chemicals can end up in nature and cause harm for ecosystem. Chemicals accumulate to plants, animals and humans. Globally this is a huge burden for nature.


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Juha-Pekka Kosonen

Jos haluat, että ainoastaan englantia osaavat allekirjoittavat, niin siitä vain. Muutoin kannattaa laittaa myös suomenkielinen käännös mukaan.

Ei sitä, etteikö englantia osaisi itse kukin, mutta ei jaksa lukea väärällä kielellä.

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Sabina Sipilä

Hei! Juttu on tuossa suomeksi otsikolla "Siirrytään käyttämään ekologisia"

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